Basic rules
  1. We have the right to refuse your order.
  2. There's a limit of two orders at once and per person.
  3. We do not offer support to install what you ordered here. You have to be manage yourself your website in order to put our layouts online.
  4. Please, provide us high quality pictures only.
  5. Be specific in the form, we won't make choice for you. Incomplete ones won't be proceeded.
  6. When an order is made, make sure you don't forget anything. Only minor changes can be done.
  7. You can choose the designer assigned to your layout. Feel free to specify which of us in the 'Something to add' field.
  8. You're not allowed in any way to edit our layouts.
  9. You're more than welcome to provide a link back to Most Wanted Designs on your website.
  10. We're not online 24/7, we have a life aside this website and studies to follow. Therefore, all the orders will be proceeded within two weeks.

  1. Every orders are not free (otherwise stated). If you don't pay, you won't have your layout.
  2. Wait for an answer from us before paying.
  3. All payments made through Paypal have to be to
  4. If you wish to pay through Allopass, the price will be converted to allopass calls once your order accepted.
  5. When your order is accepted, you have to send us half of the money. You'll received a tagged layout when it's done and you'll have to send us the other part of the payment to have the final graphic.
  6. We also accept picture accounts as payment (and encourage you to do so), preferably untagged ones. If you want to pay that way, specify it in the order form with the names of the accounts you wish to give us.
  7. You can pay us with both accounts and money, the final price will be reviewed.

Orders are currently closed, check back later. Thanks.